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ColorSpan Mach 12 Features
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Mach 12 Features:

  • 12-Printhead Design - Twelve printheads, each nearly one-inch-wide provide more coverage for faster print speeds without sacrificing print quality. 

  • Modular Ink Delivery System - A three piece ink system consisting of a 960 ml ink supply module, semi-permanent supply tubing and state-of-the-art thermal inkjet printhead. Ink modules can be 'hot swapped' while printing for maximum productivity. Printheads are replaced independently of ink modules and typically last through multiple 960 ml ink modules, thereby reducing operating costs.

  • QuickScreen Touch Pad - A simple user interface via the LCD touch screen presents all frequently used functions on a single screen. Detailed menus below allow for full control of all features.

  • Tilt-Up Carriage - For easy access, the carriage assembly can be tilted up to expose the bottom sides of the printheads and Automation Eye image sensors for periodic cleaning without affecting printhead alignment and calibration. 

  • Advanced Automation Eye - The DisplayMaker Mach 12 uses two image sensors to automate many of the calibration tasks required to maintain good print quality and accurate color reproduction. The high-resolution CCD image sensor is used to automatically align the 12 printheads (AutoSet™), to compensate for lost or misfiring jets by substituting other jets as needed (AutoJet™) and to perform density readings to linearize color. Also included is a color photodiode for reading color swatches, automating the creation of ICC color profiles.

  • Automatic Printhead Height Adjustment - When loading media, the printer senses the media thickness and automatically adjusts the printhead height to accommodating media up to 1/8" (3.175mm) thick while maximizing print quality.

  • Motorized Take-Up Spool - rolls prints image-side in or out onto 2" or 3" cores for convenient handling and finishing. Closed loop drive system provides accurate advancement and media movement fault detection. 

  • Heated Forced-Air Dryer - Dries printed output before handling or roll-up. Heater ensures proper drying even at high-speeds.

  • AutoInk Swapping - DisplayMaker's twelve-printhead design allows you to have both dye-based inks and pigmented inks loaded simultaneously and to have the advantage of printing using either without changing ink. 

  • Multiple RIP Options - Choose from the new ColorMark Pro 1-GHz Print Server from ColorSpan or third party RIP solutions for your unique needs.

  • Media Support - Choose from a wide selection of media, including photo papers, films, fabrics and vinyl in widths from 24" (61cm) to 72" (183cm).


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