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A new LARGE FORMAT king has been crowned!

Introducing the remarkable new ColorSpan Mach XII..

Productivity- Prints up to an incredible 400 sq. feet per hour of 600 dpi.output and up to 200 sq. feet per hour in Photo quality mode!

12 Printhead Design- 
Uses 980 ml. Bulk Ink system with semi- permanent ink lines and long life print heads. The multi-density inks allow you to achieve continuous-tone quality images. 
Automation Eye- 
Makes unattended printing possible with automatic quality calibration modes.


NovaJet 880 Printer prints on rigid or flexible substrates up to 1/2" Thick!



Introducing the NovaJet 880, The new NovaJet 880 is a hybrid sensation––printing up to eight vibrant colors on both flexible media and rigid media up to 1/2" thick. The NovaJet 880 boasts all the color, flexibility, and speed of the award-winning NovaJet 850––then adds the major benefit of superior image quality on a wider range of substrates.

With the NovaJet 880, the days of having to mount prints on rigid media are gone forever! 




Encad's NovaJet 850, is the first wide-format printer to offer three versatile personalities in one brilliant printer. With ENCAD's proprietary
Octachrome™ ink sets, the ability to hold two different inks and switch between
them instantly, and super fast printing and drying--every feature of the NovaJet850 is designed to give you the power to do more.

8-Printhead Design-

Uses multi-density inks to achieve continuous-tone quality images. Upgradable to 12 colors.

Automation Eye- 
Makes unattended printing possible with automatic quality calibration modes.

Introducing the new ColorSpan Esprit..

Productivity- Gives you up to 150 sq. feet per hour of 600 dpi output. 

Versatility- Adjustable print head height with a straight through paper path.

hp designjet 5000 and 5000ps

Speed and reliability are critical to your success. That's why service bureaus, quick printers, and large-format professionals who need to run high-volume jobs with superior image quality in record time demand HP Designjet 5000 Series printers.



HP Designjet 5000 Series printers deliver maximum performance through a powerful combination of speed and uncompromising image quality

The HP Designjet 5000 series is the perfect choice for production environments that put a premium on fast turnaround and superior image quality.

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