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The widely anticipated successor to the acclaimed FinePix S1 Pro. The new SLR-type digital camera builds upon its predecessor's legacy for outstanding picture color and detail while empowering professional photographers with greater control over the editing, storing and transferring of high resolution images, both in the studio and on the road.

The FinePix S2 Pro is the 2nd generation Professional Body SLR that boasts Fujifilm's next generation Super CCD sensor system for professional photography. Characteristic of the Nikon body, the FinePix S2 Pro is a General Purpose Professional Body Digital Camera that offers a full feature set appealing to the many facets of the Professional Imaging Market. It also offers improved features over the original S1.


  • 2nd Generation, Super CCD, SLR type Professional Body Digital Camera
  • 6.17 million sensor array Super CCD
  • Produces 12.1 Million (4256x2848) recorded pixels or choice of (3024x2016), (2304x1536) and (1440x960) pixels.
  • Improved ISO sensitivity ratings; 100, 160, 200, 400, 800, 1600
  • Dual Slots for SmartMedia and IBM Microdrive (inserted into CompactFlash slot)
  • CCD-RAW, JPEG, TIFF-RGB and TIFF-YC recording modes
  • Voice memo audio Recording Mode
  • Works with Nikon F mount lens, accepts majority of Nikkor AF lenses including AF-S and AF-VR lenses. Support for external flash and built in flash Works.
  • Continuous shooting; 2 frames per second, up to 7 frames
  • Firewire IEEE1394 and USB 1.1 Dual interface



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