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Who we are...

Visual Technologies is a professional imaging technologies solutions provider and systems integrator. The company was founded by Mark Sowders in 1995. Mark has over a dozen years of experience in imaging and the computer graphics industry. Since incorporation, the company has compiled an impressive list of customers including Fortune 500 companies, government and institutional graphics departments, photo labs, and professional imaging service bureaus. 

What we do...

Visual Technologies is a leading national provider of advanced technology imaging solutions and services to the graphic arts industry. We provide a full spectrum of customized and off-the-shelf solutions and services to a wide variety of commercial service bureaus, corporations and governmental institutions through the U.S. and Canada. Because we understand imaging, we are able to provide graphic arts professionals with fully integrated, dependable hardware and software solutions designed to solve the problems of imaging or transferring high resolution digital images, from creation platforms to high-quality color electronic and hard copy output devices.

Regardless of the type of output required - paper, photographic film, overhead transparency, posters, CD-ROM/DVD..., our goal is to make professional quality graphics output available quickly, easily and therefore, more profitably. Visual Technologies is the exclusive North American distributor and integrator of Axiom Connectionís IMAGE DIRECTOR imaging software products. Image Director is a powerful, Imaging Management system that allows a user to output a wide range of file formats from Macintosh, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, or Unix systems to over 70 different high end color output peripherals. Included in the package is RIPSaw, one of the fastest PostScript Level II interpreters in the industry. It is Europeís leading imaging software for rasterizing and managing graphics files by those who need professional quality output.

Our Mission...

 Our mission is to provide customers with reliable product-technology-service solutions uniquely designed to meet evolving business needs, and allow them to pursue new opportunities or strengthen existing ones. Our company offers a wide variety of imaging hardware and software solutions, ranging from completely integrated systems, packaged with full staff training and operational support, to system components, plug-in modules and drivers for existing systems. Our goal is to be your primary imaging systems provider and integrator.

Our Commitment...

 Professional on-site installation, staff training, and technical support is offered with every sale and will either be handled directly by Visual Technologies personnel, our software dealers, or one of the 12 independent Service partners with whom we contract to provide on-site service. All of our partners and dealers specialize in graphic systems integration and are all experienced in dealing with networking, multiple operating systems, and all types of color graphics output devices including film recorders, large-format plotters, photo realistic printers, high-end color copiers/printers, etc. We are committed to providing photo labs, professional graphic artists, service bureaus, and government and corporate graphic arts departments with the highest quality, lowest hassle solutions; solutions that allow the customer to get the highest quality and most production, with the fewest worries from all their digital imaging systems. Simply put, We Are Committed To our Customer's Success!

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