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October 31, 1997


Image Director Pro Version 6.0 Release Announced

Indianapolis, Indiana — August 5, 1997 — Visual Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of digital imaging solutions, is pleased to announce the US release of Image Director Pro version 6.0 for the Windows 95 / Windows NT 4.0 operating environments. An October 1st release date is anticipated. This version of Image Director, while maintaining the simplicity and ease of use previous versions of Image Director are famous for, brings the convenience of a graphical user interface and 32 bit performance to the digital imaging industry.

According to Mark Sowders, the president and founder of Visual Technologies, "We have totally re-designed Image Director Pro 6.0 from the ground up for maximum Windows performance. Of course, this version has all of the best features found in previous versions like the ability to preview images on screen and interactively build custom filters to correct file problems. It also adds many new features like a built in automatic color server mode for unattended automatic file processing, and our revolutionary ‘ACE’ database job handling and tracking architecture. We have listened to our customers and believe we are delivering the product they have been waiting for."

Image Director Pro 6.0 is developed in conjunction with Axiom Connection Ltd. in the United Kingdom. Axiom’s experienced staff have been developing computer graphic imaging systems for more than 25 years with hundreds of installations worldwide.