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There is a rapid increase in the number of film scenes for which a computer is used for either animation or modification. In their desire to reach ever larger audiences, more and more film directors have come to rely on digital tricks to satisfy the public’s need for spectacular cinematic effects. But before these digital re-workings of the images
can reach the public, they first have to be exposed in a film format which can be projected in cinemas.
The PCR Cine digital film recorder  can be used to expose all the commonly used 35mm cinema film formats. The film sequences can be in the TIFF, Targa, Cineon or FlashPix formats or as a video file. The exposure of an image with 2K resolution can be done in a maximum of 30 seconds. The special Cine-camera module transports the film with absolute precision (Pin-registration). Since the PCR Cine is compatible with Windows, Apple or Unix computers, it can be used without difficulty in any existing studio.
It often happens that the transfer from a digital to an analog medium has negative consequences for the color and contrast quality of the film sequence. The PCR Cine deals with these unfortunate side-effects in two ways: First of all, the exposure is made with a CRT of extremely high quality which reproduces digital image data much more precisely than comparable technologies. But in addition, the C4Quality ("Crystal Clear Color Calibration”) calibration process ensures an optimum harmonization between the film recorder and the production laboratory where the copy is being produced. It is only this combination of two state-of-the-art technologies which makes it possible to reproduce images which are absolutely faithful to the originals and which also have extremely precise color tonalities while maintaining even the subtlest of color gradations. In addition, the scope of contrast which can be achieved enables the reproduction of even very darkly lit scenes.


Physical Attributes
7" vertical, long 90degree CRT designed for best results in Cine film exposures; re;iable, tested technology in a new design; flare reduction filter; Auto calibration by photosensor; high-performance digital and analog circuitry, dynamic focusing; all Cine formats supported.

User Interface
Front Panel:
LCD Display – 2 lines of 16 characters (backlit)
LED exposing status display
Push button menu system allows to selectable features:
Contrast Control; Brightness Control; Interface control; Save of external LUTs; Film transport; Advance film; Image counter; Load/Unload film; Internal test patterns; Built-in SCSI termination switch

Hardware Interface
SCSI: ANSI X3.131-1986
 3MB/second sustained

Image Quality
Color depth:
Color Look-up tables 12 bit/prime color
    36 bit total
More than 68 billion color combinations;
SCSI and GPIB commands for Read and Load 12-Bit LUTs;
User color control:
Exposure Table Control of:
Brightness (RGB); Contrast (RGB)

Imaging minimum time: 20 seconds at 2K

Physical Dimensions
Width: 11.8 inches (30.0cm) 
Height: 41.3 inches (105cm)
Depth: 17.7 inches (45cm) 
Weight: 59 lbs (27 kg)


Operating Environment
Temperature: 10°-40°C (50°-104°F)
Relative Humidity: 25%-75% non-cond.
Requirements: 110V, 120V, 230V,
 240V; 50-60Hz

2K 1366 x 2048
4K  2732 x 4096

Camera Modules
All camera modules are equipped with high quality components and can guarantee the best output combined with enormous reliability.

Available Modules:
 * 35mm motor driven module for 36 exposures 
 * 35mm module with 250 exposure back 
 * 6x7/6x8cm module with changeable Instant Filmholder and completely electronically commanded 
 * 4x5" standard module for sheet film 
 * 4x5" vacuum module with Schneider Kreuznach HI-END vacuum film holder 
 * 13x18cm sheet film module

PCR Cine LUTs support film types from all main film suppliers of Cine film, 

CCG LUT Software is used to calibrate the gray scale of each film type available.
Fine tuning can be done by using the front panel user interface.

The PCR Cine is compatible with all PCs, Macintosh and UNIX systems.


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