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 CCG's 35MM 4K Digital Film Recorder


The PCR P film recorder provides graphics professionals with a winning combination of excellent quality, fast throughput, and expansion opportunities for high-quality slide and negative output in 35mm format at an incredibly low cost.

Physical Attributes
Compact Desktop design with small 10" X 20" footprint 
7 CRT designed for best results in presentation 
Auto calibration 
 Fix mounted 35mm Module

User Interface
Front Panel:
LC-Display 2 lines of 16 characters (backlit)
Push button menu system 

Hardware Interface
SCSI: ANSI X3.131-1986
 3MB/second sustained
GPIB: ANSI/IEEE 488-1978
 1,5mB/second sustained

Image Quality
Color depth:
Color Look-up tables 12 bits/prime color
    36 bits total
More than 68 billion color combinations;
SCSI and GPIB commands for Read and Load 12-Bit LUTs
User color control:
Exposure Table Control of:
Brightness (RGB); Contrast (RGB)
Imaging minimum time: 60 seconds at 4K (internal test pattern)

2K 1366 x 2048
4K  2732 x 4096

Camera Module
Fix mounted 35mm Module for 36 exposures with high quality lens. 

PCR P LUTs supports film types from all main film suppliers on negative and positive film, b/w and color. Additionally user defined LUTs are downloadable.
CCG LUT Software is used to calibrate the gray scale of each film type available.
Fine-tuning can be done by using the front panel user interface.

The PCR P is compatible with all common PCs, Macintosh and UNIX systems.

Operating Environment
Temperature: 59°-86°F (15°-30°C)
Relative Humidity: 35%-65% non-cond.
Electrical Requirements: 110V - 240V; 
Physical Dimensions
Width: 10 inches (25.5 cm)
Height: 14.2 inches (35.5 cm)
Depth: 20 inches (50.9 cm)
Weight: 30lbs (15kg)


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