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PCR 8®

 CCG's Professional 8K Digital Film Recorder



The PCR 8 film recorder is designed to meet the most critical color demands for, digital photo imaging, graphic arts, scientific visualization and presentation graphics applications that require high-quality images on negative or reversal film.

Physical Attributes
7" CRT designed for photographic results in brightness and contrast
Auto calibration by photosensor.
High-performance digital and analog circuitry
Auto format change different camera modules are recognized

User Interface
Front Panel:
LCD Display 2 lines of 16 characters (backlit)
LED exposing status display
Push button menu system allows to selectable features:
Contrast Control; Brightness Control; Interface control; Save of external LUTs; Film transport; Advance film; Image counter; Load/Unload film; Internal test patterns; Built-in SCSI termination switch

Hardware Interface
SCSI: ANSI X3.131-1986
 3MB/second sustained
GPIB: ANSI/IEEE 488-1978
 1,5MB/second sustained
RS-232 Status display and setup

Image Quality
Color depth:
Color Look-up tables 12 bit/prime color
    36 bit total
More than 68 billion color combinations;
SCSI and GPIB commands for Read and Load 12-Bit LUTs;
User color control:
Exposure Table Control of:
Brightness (RGB); Contrast (RGB)

Imaging minimum time: 45 seconds at 8K (internal test pattern)


9x12cm (4x5") 
2K 1366 x 2048 1536 x 2048
4K  2732 x 4096 3072 x 4096
8K 5464 x 8192 6144 x 8192

Camera Modules
All camera modules are equipped with high quality components and can guarantee the best output combined with enormous reliability.

Available Modules:
 * 35mm motor driven module for 36 exposures 
 * 35mm module with 250 exposure back 
 * 6x7/6x8cm module with changeable Instant Filmholder and completely electronically commanded 
 * 4x5" standard module for sheet film 
 * 4x5" vacuum module with Schneider Kreuznach HI-END vacuum film holder 
 * 13x18cm sheet film module

PCR 8 LUTs support film types from all main film suppliers on negative and positive film, b/w and color. User defined LUTs are downloadable in addition. 

CCG LUT Software is used to calibrate the gray scale of each film type available.
Fine tuning can be done by using the front panel user interface.

The PCR 8 is compatible with all PCs, Macintosh and UNIX systems.

Operating Environment
Temperature: 10°-40°C (50°-104°F)
Relative Humidity: 25%-75% non-cond.
Requirements: 110V, 120V, 230V,
 240V; 50-60Hz
Physical Dimensions
Width: 11.8 inches (30.0cm) 
Height: 41.3 inches (105cm)
Depth: 17.7 inches (45cm) 
Weight: 98 lbs (45 kg)


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