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Image Director PRO for Windows 95/98® 2000 and NT®

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ID6 LogoImage Director Pro for Windows 95/98® and NT®
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ID62 Main Screen
State of the art GUI (Graphical User Interface) with dynamic 3D menus, two button mouse facilities, active help prompts and ergonomically designed from the start.
Advanced File Manager

Image Director file Manager

Advanced file manager features to maximize productivity and help the operator to manage the workload:-
Inter-Active Mouse Driven Preview

Image Director Inter-Active Preview

Preview facility with mouse driven elastic box and tool bar for creating custom filters inter-actively on screen.

ACE Architecture

  • Job creation
  • Prioritizing
  • Information retrieval on job status
  • Distributed ripping and driving
  • Information tagging

An industry standard database holds:-
  • Configurations
  • Queues
  • Work loads
  • Logs and statistics
  • Job and customer information

 Future development will include a management information system to make inquiries of the database

See a List of Supported File Formats

See a List of Supported Output Peripherals


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