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The Image Director Pro CCG, AGFA, and Management Graphics Inc film recorder driver is a Windows 95 or Windows NT based driver that drives AGFA and MGI film recorders via SCSI or National Instruments GPIB ports. It is designed to work in a professional imaging environment such as Digital Imaging Bureaus, Photo Labs Photo Retouchers, and graphic workstations.

 The driver is in it's most productive mode when configured as part of an Image Director PRO imaging system. You can also send Raster file formats like TIFF and JPEG directly to the driver from the desktop by dragging and dropping files onto it's icon. A PhotoShop plug-in for Windows versions of PhotoShop is currently under development.



Axiom's Image Director imaging system supports the following formats


  • PostScript Level 1 & 2
  • PCX
  • TIFF
  • Flashpix
  • Kodak Cineon
  • PhotoShop .PSD
  • Scitex CT
  • Dicomed DTILE
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • PhotoCD


Hardware Requirements

The Agfa and MGI film recorder driver will run on the following configurations: 

Minimum: Pentium 100MHZ PC, VGA screen, 32mb RAM and 1Gb hard disk

Top of the range: Pentium III 800MHZ PC, SVGA, 128mb RAM and 9Gb hard disk  

National Instruments GPIB/TNT or GPIB PCI board, or Adaptec SCSI adapter with ASPI manager

Printer port for security dongle.


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